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Foot Mechanics have been leading podiatry for over ten years. We have clinics located throughout the Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Manawatu and Auckland.

Did you know that most foot and leg problems are caused by the way you walk or run? Common problems we treat include: bunions, lower back, hip, knee, shin, and heel pain.


Aches & Pains

Low Back Pain

Over-pronation (inwards rolling) of the feet leads to internal rotation of the legs. In turn, the pelvis is forced to tilt forward, causing in increased curvature of the lower back and poor body posture. In an effort to maintain normal posture, the lower back muscles will tighten up. Orthotics re-align the feet and help improve body posture thereby relaxing the back muscles.

Knee Pain

As the feet roll inwards the lower leg internally rotates. This results in excessive forces on the inside of the knee and below the knee cap and over time can do damage to the knee joint and surrounding ligaments. By realigning the feet, orthotics prevent rotation of the lower leg and the excessive forces on the knee, thus easing knee pain and helping to reduce wear and tear.

Tired, aching legs & calf strain

This pain generally occurs after standing for long periods of time. Rotation of the lower leg (over-pronation) can cause strain and traction in the calf muscles. Orthotics control over-pronation and help reduce the strain in the back of the legs.

Heel Pain & Plantar Fasciltis

Heel pain is often caused by over-pronation. As the foot rolls in and the arch drops, the foot elongates, thereby stretching the ligaments (plantar fascia) under the foot. This can cause inflammation in the heel and a bony spur may develop. Orthotics re-align the foot, relieving the tension in the ligaments, thereby allowing the ligaments to heal.

Ball of Foot Pain & Morton's Neuroma

There are three arches in each one of your feet. If the forefoot arch has dropped (metatarsals), this can cause a burning sensation and callous under the ball of the foot. Sometimes nerves become trapped in between the metatarsals, a condition called Morton's Neuroma. Orthotics support the metatarsals, helping relieve ball of foot pain and Morton's neuroma.

Foot Mechanics Clinics, are the chosen provider for many of New Zealand's elite athletes, including members of :

All Blacks
Black Sticks
Silver Ferns
Black Caps
NZ Rugby Seven's Team
Rugby Super 14 Teams
Rugby NPC Teams
Netball NPC Teams
NZ Academy of Sport

You don't need to be an elite athlete to benefit from seeing a Podiatrist. If you want to lead an active lifestyle but are having lower limb problems, consult the specialists.

We can help with:

Gait & Posture

Lower Back Pain
Sciatic Pain
Hip Pain
Pigeon Toe
Bunions (non surgical treatment)
Flat Arches

General Podiatry

Ingrown Nails
Corns and Calluses
Heel and Arch Pain
Diabetes Foot Management

Sports Podiatry

ACC Registered Provider to NZ Academy of Sport

Knee Pain
Shin Pain
Achilles and Heel Pain
Footwear Assessment


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